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TextPad: better than Notepad

Ray Dotson - October 10, 2006

76564.jpgEveryone who uses Windows has used Notepad at one time or another. Notepad is great for quick and simple editing tasks. If you need to change a few words in a small text file, it’s perfect. Many users get frustrated, though, by the lack of a few more advanced options that would make it a much better editor. If you’ve ever tried to edit a very large file or even a unix file in Notepad, you know what I mean.

A great choice for those frustrated users is TextPad from Helios Software Solutions. TextPad is a smart plain text editor that has many advanced features available for complex editing, but it is also an inexpensive and lightweight solution for those who just need a basic text editor.

Features include the ability to edit huge files, syntax highlighting (great for programmers and web developers), spell checker in 10 different languages, simultaneous editing of multiple files, block column selection, drag and drop editing, and unlimited undo/redo capability. There is even a search and replace feature that allows you to use UNIX style regular expressions.

If you have a need for a plain text editor that’s better than Notepad, check out TextPad.

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