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Intelligent Shutdown

Ciaran Moore - November 7, 2006

7867856445.jpgIntelligent Shutdown is a free program for turning off your computer at a specified time, among other things. It can also launch or close programs specified by you at a certain time. It can lock your computer and display a picture at a specified time too, for example when you’re gone to work (or gone home from work).

So no need to remember to lock it or turn it off, as its all automated. All these things can be set to run at at a one off time or at a regular schedule, daily, once a week or month, etc. You can also set reminders for yourself. It also has a memory and CPU monitor so you can set things to happen only when memory or CPU is above or below a certain level, and it also shows idle time and uptime.

This program could be pretty useful for anyone who wants to automate things a little on their computer without having to remember to do it all each time.

It’s fully functioning shareware but you have to register if you wanna get rid of the welcome screen that pops up on start up. Get more info and the download here.


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  1. JMD Says:

    this program is interesting

  2. abhishek Says:

    yes this software is really very good .. i really love this one….hopw to see this kiand of software again and again

  3. Jenefer Says:

    sounds so interesting. im going to try this one.

  4. hp Says:


  5. click Says:

    I come to your site because it keeps me entertained and aware of new things.

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