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Microsoft Office 2007

O. James Samson - November 16, 2006

microsoft_office_badge.JPGNow that Microsoft has finalized the code of Microsoft Office 2007 at last, corporate customers will be able to get their hands on Office Small Business 2007 soon.

The rest of us will have to wait until early next year to buy a boxed version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and the other members of the Office 2007 family. The consumer editions of Microsoft Office 2007 will hit the stores early next year, in step with the Vista operating system.

Some of the major changes in Office 2007 include the fact that major programs each organize features into tabs rather than drop-down menus and dialog boxes and New XML-based files, which squeeze more data into fewer kilobytes have been added. It is worthy of note that you won’t be able to open a file in the new format immediately when using earlier versions of the programs. This will make sharing work with people without the new version [those who haven’t upgraded] difficult.


Other cool features in Office include a strong emphasis on style templates, with the ability to preview on the fly changes made to fonts and graphics. New shortcuts for analyzing information within Excel let you display patterns of data as a colorful heat map. There’s new support for blogging within Word, Outlook gets deeper search and task management abilities in addition to SMS text messaging, and Office 2007 features easier-to-manage overall document security.

You can get a free online test drive of the new office at, to check out its features.

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    I havae not used Office 2007 but i heard it is good. Can we get free downloads and how?

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    right now office 2007 is not offically out, it will be out by early next year but you can test drive it trial version through this link

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