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Ze loves to Scribble

Phil South - November 30, 2006

Ze Frank is something of an Internet phenomenon. Not only is he a great video blogger, one of the best ever taking the thing to a place near art, he’s also on the quiet a bit of a fancy coder. He’s produced a number of cool art toys, and my very favourite one is The Scribbler.


You draw a really simple drawing, and with the tool available simple is sort of Etch-A-Sketch level, and then let The Scribbler scribble along and around the lines of your drawing. The results are almost always extraordinary.

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  1. Rohn Goldman Says:

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    I really do not want it, and there is mail that I am getting with attachments that I cab not access.

    So what is up ? How can I go back to my Comcast E-Mail ?

    Frusterated !

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