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My ip-address & location

Tilgore Kraut - January 17, 2007

ip.jpgHere’s one more web-based service that you can find useful. It’s called My ip-address & location and (yes, you’re totally right) it does exactly what the developers says. For those of you who still don’t get it let me explain… Just a bit πŸ™‚

It is a web service that will automatically look up your IP address automatically, and locate your (means yours computers) current location by using Google Maps. Well, sometimes it didn’t trace you to your home PC showing just the location of your ISP, or the node of your ISP that you connect to. Can you look up other IP addresses? Yes, definitely.

Just try it. It’s even fun (for just a bit though).

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3 Responses to “My ip-address & location”

  1. Jameson Says:

    Hi, you might be interested in this similar tool. It doesn’t come up showing the google map by default but you can click an option to say “Show on Map”. This website also allows you to enter an ip-address in a text box so you see where other ip addresses are located. In addition, you can enter a website name and see where it is hosted!

    the website address is

  2. Jim Says:

    Try this.

  3. mario Says: seems to be the most accuratest ip locator. i traced some of my friends. amazing

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