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Back Up Outlook Express Fast

Phil South - January 18, 2007

Genie Soft has a great program which solves a problem I’ve had many times in my tech support career: how to back up Outlook Express. Yes, you can search the folders for where the files are hidden and copy them to another computer. But that’s a pain.

This super little program supports backing up the data of all the identities in Microsoft Outlook Express in the same backup file. You can even backup as a self-executable EXE file that can be run on any machine even if the main Genie Backup Manager isn’t running or installed. That’s very cool.

Unlike other backup methods you can copy Multiple Identities, Message Rules, and All accounts and Preferences, as well as Signatures, Stationery, your Address Book. It’s a marvel.

Take the high road to Genie Soft for more…

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