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Kontera and frauds

Editor - February 26, 2007

This post is dedicated to Kontera and Internet advertising frauds in general.

Since our site is rather popular we are being contacted by a lot of advertising agencies that want to work with us. Usually we don’t even answer to the ones that look suspicious, but after being contacted by Kontera and reviewing their investors information we decided that this company worth a try. We signed an agreement and started a test (for several days) with them.

The details of this contract are subject to non-disclosure, but as usual agreement it required them to pay us within some set time after the test ends.

Having different experience working with such agencies we were very concerned about the quality of the statistics they have according to which we are to be paid, and thus we decided to set up mirror statistics at our own site and use Google’s one as well. Once we received their first report (which covered 2 or 3 days) we were very surprised because their stats showed that Kontera’s count of impressions was a lot lower compared to that of our own or Google`s one. We informed them about this issue telling that we want them to fix it immediately and provided Kontera with our daily stats. Our contact at Kontera – James Loza – claimed that after checking everything with their tech department he found out that the stats they have are about the same as ours and there is nothing to worry about. After a long conversation we decided to proceed with the test.

Once the test period passed we received a report from them according to which their system counted less than 85% impressions we generated. We immediately sent them our own stats and explanation on how do we count ours.
Kontera guys replied that they will check everything and get back to us.

That’s how it all started to turn into contract breach.

Quite a few weeks have passed without any new information from Kontera. They didn’t get back to us first of all, and only after repeated requests answered with something like “we’ll deal with it today” or “we will send you a payment tomorrow”. Next thing that happened – our agreement with Kontera was broken by not paying us on time. We didn’t expect fraud from Kontera and contacted them for the explanation of update a lot of times. Well, there were no new information for us, both on the payment date or the amount they were going to pay us.

Finally, in the beginning of this year, after we said that we will start legal actions against them, we received a letter from Christopher Brown – Kontera’s “Director, Account Management”, who told us that we will get paid soon, as per our agreement. I notified him that the agreement was already broken when it came to the correct payment period and his answer was like-okay, we have our payment policy for publishers and you’ll be paid according to it.

Again, weeks have passed, neither payment nor any answer to our questions was provided. Then – ONLY AFTER WE FILLED BBB COMPLAINT AND NOTIFIED KONTERA ABOUT IT – they paid us within a few days.

Well, this payment wasn’t just a little bit late, but also it was done according to their incorrect stats compiled during the days of our test for which they claimed to have the same results as we do.

That’s our story with Kontera. We decided to post it in our blog because we think that publishers should be aware of fraudulent activities by advertising agencies.

P.S. After reviewing the draft of this posting Kontera finally explained why their stat were different. We agree that they didn’t fraud us about the final impressions count. While it still means that Jamez Loza was misleading us during the days of test.

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16 Responses to “Kontera and frauds”

  1. Mark Spencer Says:

    So what has Kontera said to all of this? They haven’t replied?

  2. Randy Says:

    It is certainly a sad day when trust in a fellows word was solid. They obviously did well by your work . So it is time to pay the man for services tendered. Instead sounds like a pi–ing match.

    Sorry to here this man, just know that something good does come from something bad. And they reap what they sew.

    It would just nice to be there when they get burned.

    Best of Luck!

    Warm Regards,

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  4. zap Says:

    Kontera is Fraud!
    they haven’t sent me money since 4 months,
    i’ve stopped using their code.
    can someone take serious action with them?

  5. AK Says:

    They didn’t pay me as well. Four months past and “we’ll pay you the next payment cycle” was the only I got from them.
    Kontera definitely is a SCAM !

  6. Curtis Carmichael’s Professional Web Marketing Site » Blog Archive » Kontera: Fraudulent Business Practices? Says:

    […] I just thought I’d post this to warn other publishers (and even advertisers) of this company… I don’t see them being in the business for the long term and surely their customer service is a joke. Looks like a number of others had similar problems dealing with Kontera, namely the author of the following article: […]

  7. sujit Says:

    same is true, kontera is fraud, they have not paid since 6 months, my total over $500 outstanding, and they are not replying to my emails

    any 1 know what to do about them, i stay in india, what action can i possible take

  8. sujit Says:

    any body knows phone number of kontera

  9. Thomas Ford Says:

    I am sorry to hear this from you guys. I have never had a problem with Kontera. Every month I get a check from them. There impressions match closely with my own.

  10. Finsofts Design Says:

    Is this true they where not paying, am using contera on my hub pages and its only 2 weeks now am using this service i dont know what will happen…

  11. yep Says:

    same happened here. they are a bunch of scammers

  12. Gerald Anderson Says:

    I tried Kontera on some of my blogs and websites but they do not pay as high as google adsense.

  13. Faith Foster Says:

    I have used Kontera on one of my blogs and i earn good from this ad program.’;;

  14. Eva Campbell Says:

    Kontera pays well even if they do not pay as high as other advertisers“”

  15. Gas Sensor : Says:

    i think that Infolinks have beaten Kontera when it comes to higher payout among blog publishers;~”

  16. Curtain Lining Says:

    both Kontera and Infolinks are great programs that can monetize your website, i earn much better on Infolinks ‘:*

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