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O. James Samson - February 28, 2007

1068478797-1.jpgIf you are looking for something to help with complete deletion of files for your system, then you’ll need to check out File Monster. Completely erasing files from your system by actually overwriting the information in the file, File monster gets the job of complete and total deletion of files easily.Why do you need a total delete in the first place?

When you delete files with normal deletion methods, your data is still available because the procedure only tells the operating system to not recognize the file as being present anymore; the data can be easily recovered by someone who knows how to go about it. So if you’ve got sensitive material you don’t want to risk not being able to delete it completely or do you?

The latest version released recently has this major change:

  • Added Windows Vista Compliance Features (e.g. the data files are stored under the “Application Data” folder rather than under the “Program Files” folder). The new version will detect if you already have data and relocate the files for you

Want to check it out? Go to

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