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Camfrog Video Chat

O. James Samson - April 13, 2007

Here is a video chat tool worth checking out, Camfrog Video Chat.

Camfrog Video Chat has real video chat rooms where you can see and hear many users on webcam at a time. What are the cool features you will enjoy with Camfrog Video Chat? A live directory of users with photos, a live video chat room directory, instant messaging, a contact list, and an extremely easy to use UI.

The cool thing about is that no webcam is required to hear or see people, but it is recommended.

The latest version, Camfrog Video Chat 3.91.22594 which was just recently released has these changes:

  • Multimedia upgraded to maximize compatibility with all systems
  • Some usability upgrades
  • Parental controls now turned on by default for users 13-15 years of age
  • Users 13-15 do not have user profiles

Want to give it a shot? Go to

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3 Responses to “Camfrog Video Chat”

  1. SeriousOne Says:

    The way this parental novelty implemented is faulty.
    If the account was created previously the default settings “allow all” cannot be accessed by those who don’t have a log on password (most home PC users!)
    So those kids who created an account already and hid it (any 10 years old know how to do that) are happy now because their parents will not be able to change anything …. If … they found the account.

  2. accessallareas Says:

    The free Camfrog programme is beyond criticism but I caution users against buying the program unless you have truly disposable income. I was one who bought both their chat software and their private server pakeges I spent nearly £300 pounds believing in their promise of free lifetime support. The sad truth is that less than 18 months later they cancelled my ability to use either programme. I WAS A MUG! DON’T BE SCAMMED! I can provide bills and correspondence to prove my case! I did try to communicate with camshare llc’s stated lines of communication, once they have your money they no longer communicate AT ALL the company that sold me the cheaper package refunded me in full when they also could not get a response. My thanks to them but this still reflects poorly on CAMSHARE TAKE MY HEED BUYERS BEWARE!

  3. lm Says:

    The camfrog 5.1 on the previous version 3.94 is tranformou in my opinion in a devorador of resources-processing and memory, which leads me to want to become something more than a programme of web chat, or has or virus or then we have no privacy that someone must be minitorizar, which leads me to leave disappointed and leaves it to use, I hope that more understood these issues look more deeply on these suspicions.

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