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Alarm++ – A Great Tool For Your Reminder And Scheduling Needs

O. James Samson - April 17, 2007

973495742-1mini.gifNeed a tool for your reminder and scheduling needs? You need to check out Alarm++.

Alarm++ solves your reminder and scheduling needs. With this tool, you can create multiple alarms which can repeat at various intervals, from simple to complex, from one to forever or until a specific date. It is powerful, flexible, and most of all stable.  With Alarm++ you don’t need to think about your schedule any longer as you can rest assured that the alarms won’t disappoint you.

The major change in the latest version, Alarm++ 7.05 is that it now saves the alarm file after shutting down Windows when an event window is open.

Still not sure if Alarm++ is for you? Check out what it can do for you:

  • Remind you of meetings, birthdays, or deadlines
  • Wake up to your favorite mp3 files, videos, or cds
  • Visit your favorite web sites every morning
  • Send e-mail to a phone or pager and remind anyone anywhere
  • Send messages over the network to remind others
  • Check your stocks weekly
  • Run scripts and batch files to perform complex tasks
  • Send e-mail reminders to anyone
  • Use animated characters for speech and gestures

And much more…

Check out for more info and trial download.

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