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P2Wiz – Free But Cool Block Lists Downloader

O. James Samson - April 17, 2007

1175749239-1.gifIf you are looking for a free but cool block lists downloader, you should check out P2Wiz.

P2Wiz is p2p block lists downloader which supports PeerGuardian (PhoenixLabs) block lists, OpenMedia block lists and BlueTack block lists. It is worthy of note that P2Wiz is not an ip blocker but a block lists downloader so before complaining about this tool not doing what you want it to do, make sure you get things right. P2Wiz only downloads block lists.

The latest version fast becoming popular these days has these changes:

  • PeerGuardian menu
  • Duplicated gov lists from PG (from PhoenixLabs)
  • List Items to more explanatory names
  • BlueTack block lists support
  • Shortcuts to block lists menu
  • Different directory for each categories of block lists
  • Window and Columns is now resizable and bigger font
  • Description panel, can be disabled in config file

Want to check it out? Go to

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One Response to “P2Wiz – Free But Cool Block Lists Downloader”

  1. GravityFX Says:

    Thank You, James for clearing this out. Some people are complaining before they even read what this program really does!

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