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InSight – Easy To Use Outliner And Information Manager

O. James Samson - April 23, 2007

1093055658-1.gifWhen it comes to processing text, organizing and finding information easily a recommended tool is InSight. InSight is a powerful outliner and information manager which really saves you time and effort, with advanced text editing features, that you may not be able to find in some editors.

Here are some cool features you will enjoy with this powerful info manager that is designed to make things real easy for you:

  • New Enhanced Graphical Interface
  • Ensures optimal productivity and greater ease of use
  • Multi-level tree view list
  • Hierarchical tree, with unlimited number of items and branch levels, with support for multiple selections, drag and drop, and check boxes
  • Multi-document tabbed interface
  • Favorites – The powerful Favorites feature can open simultaneously any combination of documents, catalogs, topics, launch URLs in a browser, and even run other applications at once
  • Projects – Save a whole working environment as a project that can be reopened with a single click. Layouts and Custom Views
  • International Accents- The unique International Accents feature in InSight allows you to type graphic accents and special characters (like ç, ñ, à, ü , and others) without having to deal with a different keyboard arrangement, as is the case when shifting keyboard layouts in Windows
  • Syntax highlighting- Built-in syntax highlighting includes HTML, Delphi Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, Assembly, and others…Additional languages can be added as needed, and the existing syntax definitions can be easily customized. Syntax highlighting can be automatically applied when a document or topic is opened

And much more.

Want to check it out? Go to for more information and trial download.

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