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ServiceHolder – Keep Tabs On Multiple Websites Easily

O. James Samson - May 7, 2007

1137032381-1mini.jpgIf you visit a lot of websites regularly like news sites, forums or whatever, then you will enjoy the services of this software, it is called ServiceHolder.

ServiceHolder helps to keep your sites grouped and tabbed easily in just one window. Each site which you add to ServiceHolder has its own unique settings (popup killer, script killer, etc.). So each site is like a whole new browser installation.

What are the main features that ServiceHolder supports? To mention but a few:

  • Multiple websites in one window!
  • Kills banner popups!
  • Access and manage IE favorites
  • Live update from internet
  • Minimize to tray
  • 70,380 mood colors
  • Auto refresh on timer
  • No installation or extra DLLs
  • 100% Banner free.

If you think the software can meet your needs why don’t you just check it out. It’s free.

Go to

One thing is worthy of note though: According to the publisher:

“The auto update server is currently down. This will not affect your application; the error you get in the startup is just for the auto update services.”

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