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Tilgore Kraut - May 15, 2007

scr3.jpgThere are some web editors purely or beginners. Then there are some for hardcore professionals. Best of both worlds – Roden Web Editor! An editor for both the beginners and the pros!

The beginners will get started immediately through ready-to-use document templates and wizards, and can also place tags and codes and effects anywhere on the page with little fuss. They’d find the easy to use interface of the program a big asset. For the professionals, the program holds enough juice in its capability to edit in many languages – HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Intellisense – a code-sensing technology which helps you as you write code, code checking facility, myriad of built-in functions, FTP support, preview and capture, Search Engine Optimization, internal viewer for many documents and references support for various web languages and keywords, all these features make the latest release a very potent one, considering that it is available for free. Purists would still, however, look elsewhere.

(More info and download)

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