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eXtreme Pong 3D – A Cool Remake Of The Classic Pong

O. James Samson - May 30, 2007

1166561552-1.jpgIf you loved the old game, PONG, you are definitely going to find this one interesting.

eXtreme Pong 3D is a remake of the old game “pong”. With three modes: Fun, World championship, and a normal game, this game is a cool one for pong lovers. The Fun-mode is designed to add an extra fun edge to the game, during this mode of the game, some special symbols appear on the playground which take effect if you strike them with the ball.

The game is played in 3D and you can play against the Computer or against up to 3 friends. You will love the fact that you get to be in total control of the game as you can either use the mouse or even the keyboard. You also get to choose the playground and the skin of the ball you prefer.

In the latest version, eXtreme Pong 3D 1.3.0, these latest improvements have been done:

  • German and English language fixes;
  • Many bugs fixed;
  • Stats added.

Sounds like something you might be interested in? Visit

For English translation, click on the British Flag on the site beneath “TRANSLATIONS.”

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