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HarddiskOgg 2.51- Worth Checking Out

O. James Samson - July 20, 2007

hdoggscreenshot.gifMore and more nowadays, it is getting more important for people that want to be in on the full pleasure of the Internet to have a way to convert from one audio format to another.  Whether you are just an interested bystander that is recording stuff on your computer or alternatively a very tech savvy person that wants to expand your knowledge of digital sound, then the HarddiskOgg 2.51 is definitely the piece of software that you absolutely can not afford to be without.

What’s so great about HarddiskOgg 2.51?  Well, what it does is it takes a wave format input stream, such as the one that you might generate from talking from your microphone into the computer, and it converts that wave input stream into an actual format stream different from the wave file you originally started with.

The best part about this is that it actually has the ability to do this in real time so you can actually get some excellent Ogg Vorbis hard disk recordings in real time as you generate the wave file and have that file changed to the Ogg Vorbis format.  The spectacular nature of the program combined with its very easy to use interface prompted one person that was reviewing it to simply just say “I love it” and leave it at that.

More information can be found at its website at

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