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Transfz 1.10 Beta Released – Powerful System wide Search For Windows Guaranteed

O. James Samson - July 30, 2007

1173963844-1.pngHere is a cool tool that comes highly recommended! Transfz (actually pronounced transfuse) is a integrated search agent in the form of a context menu that allows the user to launch online searches from any document or application on both the desktop and the web.

The good thing about this software is that it supports powerful extensions: Search and Replace, UPPER case, HTML insert etc. You can use the built-in Plug-in Creator to easily allow your favorite search engine to become an ever present standard in your desktop/web experience.

In the latest version which was recently released, Transfz 1.10 Beta , new features has been added and some changes had been made. These include:


  • High resolution icons in the global menu are included for all menuitems;
  • Clipboard holder now holds unicode chars without problems;
  • Google Video plugin added.


  • Better tooltip handling (eliminated unnecessary checks);
  • Loop for clipboard gui update is faster due to less branching;
  • Restructured included plugins to allow more plugins to appear in enabled by default;
  • Numerous optimizations to make the icon based menu redraw faster.

Bug fixes:

  • Menu now no longer ‘double-draw’ if ctrl-d is pressed after menu has opened;
  • Clipboard disable in options module caused crash;
  • CNN plugin updated to reflect site changes.

More info available at

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    good software

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