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Ultimate Packer for Executables

O. James Samson - August 20, 2007

upx.jpgWhen it comes right down to it, executable files are a bit different from the other file formats you typically come across. Those are the files labelled with a .exe extension and are the ones that you click on to launch most of the different programs. Executable files are also important in that they help installation programs launch in a method that is easy and user friendly for most people, because having to manually decode and install a program yourself can be a real pain; especially if you aren’t really computer savvy.

One of the big problems with .exe files right from the start however has been the fact that it is difficult to pack them without either sacrificing the compression ratio or alternatively the quality of the .exe file. Decompression speed has also been a concern in the past and when a program such as UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) comes along that is able to deal with all three, you know that it is a rate program indeed.

UPX is free and portable and has the ability to achieve amazing compression ratio results for a wide range of different executable formats. It is an oldie but goodie in terms of the packing software market and now that it is free you can get your hands on this incredibly powerful tool quite easily.

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