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Solve Your Integartion Problems With Siginet’s Office Integrator

O. James Samson - August 21, 2007

1175329925-1.gifIf you’ve ever used Windows before and you’ve had your computer for more than a couple of years, then chances are that you’ve gone through multiple versions of both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. People that have done this know that it can sometimes be a real pain integrating everything together simply because of how annoying Windows can be at times. Office is of course made by the same parent company and sometimes making things backwards compatible tends to slip the minds of the developers at Microsoft, so you end up with some nasty surprises when you are trying to upgrade.

Programs like the Office Integrator 0.6 by Siginet Software are able to help you deal with at least some of these problems.  It is a program designed to be able to slipstream all of the different Service Packs as well as the Hotfixes needed for the particular version of Microsoft office that you might have.   It does this primarily through the use of an online database and it queries this database in order to determine whether your updates are slipstreamed and fix them if they aren’t. It is a very handy piece of software to have around and since it also happens to be free, it really is a catch!

More information about the Office Integrator can be found on their website sat or on their forums at

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