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Axara YouTube Tools 2.2.5

Tilgore Kraut - August 27, 2007

box.jpgThe craze for YouTube is crossing limits and many of us can’t stop watching all those interesting videos out there. However many of us would really love to download them from YouTube on your personal computer or mobile phone. Axara YouTube Tools let you download the videos with ease. It has other utilities that would enhance your working with the videos.

The software has option for downloading the YouTube videos in the chosen formats. The program has a pleasant color screen with simple functions. You need to copy the URL of the page containing the video. Select the destination folder for downloading the video. You can keep the information same or change the file name and the video profile.  The additional settings let you have the preview, select the batch mode or choose to split file. You can watch the preview at the bottom of the screen. The four utilities options below the screen let you to set the profile, edit the video, convert to other format and download. The video can be converted to supported formats by the options given on the top of the screen. The options for the conversion are ‘To AVI’, ‘To MPEG’, ‘To MOV’, ‘To WMV’ and ‘To SWF’. It supports various audio formats also. The software enables conversion from one format to the other one easily. The space below the screen the shows the conversion progress, the elapsed time and the remaining time. It also has the option to stop the download anytime. The software also consists of the editor that would let you cut the parts of the videos not required by you. The left side of the screen shows the option like PC, Laptop, ipod, etc. These options are there for making the video formats according to the video playing devices. Overall it’s a one great utility that you would surely like have on your system.

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  2. Ahmed Says:

    It’s basically a blank canvas which you can paint on. You can then choose to save it online (it creates a link) or email it to yourself or a friend. The interface is very nice with a realistic looking paint brush, complete with shadow. I like how it allows multiple undo in case you change your mind half way through about how your masterpiece is developing! You can also adjust brush size, opacity and add text.

  3. youtube downloader Says:

    Its converting function rocks.

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