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Slawdog Smart Shutdown

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

1046677401-1.pngOne of the most annoying things to do when it comes to dealing with computers is figure out what to do with them when you want a specific part of the resources to be freed up for use elsewhere. For example, my copy of Windows Vista has options for shut downs, restarts, reboots, sleeps, standbys, locks and any other synonym you could possibly think of on those commands. Each one is useful, but when you are presented with an incoherent mass of commands, you are not going to be very sure of which one would be most appropriate for the situation that you are currently in.

Thankfully, this is where pieces of software like the Slawdog Smart Shutdown 1.4.1 Build 244 comes in. This software has by far the most comprehensive list of shut down options you are ever likely to see in your life. The Smart Shutdown 1.4.1 is simply a great piece of software technology because not only does it contain all of the commands that the Windows software itself normally has, but it also has sub-commands you can use if all you want to do is get your recycling bin emptied or your cache reset. There are so many things you can do with the Smart Shutdown such as setting periodic reminders that it would be a steal at any price; and you get it for free!
More information can be found at – Simple way to share files

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

logo_mainpage_black.jpgIf you want a simple and fast way to share a file with a friend or friends, you might wanna checkout The site layout is foolproof to use with a neat and tidy design that’s easy on the eyes. You can also choose more than one file at once, you can do this simply by holding down the control key as you’re selecting multiple files, and it allows you to send up to 1 GB.

Upon uploading, you’re taken to a screen where you can copy the link to the file and share it with your friends, this page also tells you how many times the file has been downloaded.When uploading, you’re also given the option to enter your friend’s email address, this will then send them a link they can download the file from, additional optional choices are to include your email address and a message to your friend.

This site is pretty basic but does as it says, although some more details such as the length of time the file remains shared may have been useful to include. Check it our for yourself here.

HideWizard 6.4

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

How often have you tried to hide something on your system from others, both at office and home? Well with HideWizard you can hide almost all the programs and windows automatically. You can lock the screen and also use the shortcut keys for the functioning. It shows all the programs and icons present on the desktop.

Downloading and installation is smooth. The software starts up with a blue screen with simple options. List of the all the programs and tray icons present on the desktop is shown in a box on the screen. You can select one and with the right click add it to quick hide or auto hide list. You can also set the transparency level to be soft, opaque, or high, etc. ‘Settings’ option let you to set the quick hide option. Select the keyboard hotkey, or make the hide windows start on double right clicks of the mouse. You can mention the special program for hiding and also hide special windows. Set the mute while hiding window, enable hiding IE windows. Select the hidden windows not to be shown when hotkeys clicked again. In the ‘Auto Hide’ option select the programs and window; and the excluded windows can be seen. Easily the selection can be made to switch into the default or virtual desktop with mouse’s middle button. Select the hotkey, lock the screen, set the mute and there are other options also. It can be set to auto start with the windows, select hotkey for hide wizard or disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Small icon options on the top of the screen are to refresh the list and for hiding or displaying programs of auto hide list. It goes to the system tray when minimized. The hidden programs are protected with the password and can be seen with the Hide Wizard only.  Overall the software does a great job of what it promises and it can come in real handy when you are sharing your system with another individual.

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Absolute Media Library 1.0.6

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

abs106_xp.gifIn case you are looking for a tool to track your information, then do give a thought to the Absolute Media Library which makes the job a cakewalk. It would help you with all the data that you need to keep record of and access them whenever you feel like. The software has good functioning and would help you to effortlessly manage a great deal of data.

The software after taking a moderate time for downloading and installing, starts up with a simple screen. It has the different features for performing the task. It is of great use for the personal as well as professional details. You can check the loan status and the history and even you can have the notes and other details. The screen in the middle shows the record of the listed and the selected files. It shows details like title, file type, category, etc. The right side column shows some of the option and the list of the chosen category. You can make the library search; select the ‘Search for’ option and the type of files you want. You can search the listed records or the library. You can set and see the borrower’s database showing all the information about the person. The list is shown and you can see the terms of loans, address and other notes. Select from the list and the information about the person is shown on the right side. You can also view the reports of the inventory and you can get a print also. The information about the records, library and log in is shown on the lower part of the screen. There are different other option on the menu bar like for listing and changing the view. Record or delete according to your requirement and save the details.

The software overall does a commendable job in quickly tracking and logically storing all information that is often required by you. With the accompanying Help guide you are sure to find a pleasure to use.

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ooVoo – Video Chatting redefined

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

1180427299-1.jpgWith the recent boom of the internet, one thing that has become a whole lot popular is the concept of online chat. However, the concept of online chat has really evolved from what it used to be.  Chat used to be IRC and rooms on different internet sites with little more functionality than being able to type in something and then have that something appear in the chat room.  And while a lot of people enjoyed that and in the case of IRC still enjoy it, many others thirsted for more.

Well, MSN got things started and with MSN’s live chat feature allowing for the first time a lot of great video chatting features, what people eventually saw was that there was demand for such a thing.   And this is the demand that ooVoo fills with its presence.

One of the best things about this program is that it can actually support up to six users at the exact same time.   In addition to that, you can also send video files back and forth between ooVoo users and even send such files to people that don’t have the software installed!  It is simply an amazing piece of software and because of its free status, it is one that people have really embraced.

More information can be found at

Natura Sound Therapy 3.0

Monday, August 27th, 2007

naruta.jpgThis software is good to make you feel relax and change your mood. It will help you to improve upon your concentration and work better. You can make your mood according to your own selection.

The software would let you be waiting for a while to get downloaded. The appearance itself is a soothing one. Soon after installing you won’t wait along to set it and see the difference it will make to your life. You can set the color, image and customize the background. There’s a wide variety of these to choose from according to the set mood. Select the visualization to be displayed according to your liking. You can even off the visualization if you don’t want have one. Select the music and natural sounds to make yourself feel relax. You can choose the factory presets or select them by clicking the user button. Select the audio visual plug-ins and set the timer. The brainwave frequencies would let you sleep, relax, and change your mood much quickly. The visualization style like woodland waterfall is shown on the down right side of the screen. You can choose singing birds, chirping frogs, ocean waves and other different styles of sounds. Select the level and also you can adjust the brainwave synchronizer. Select the frequency and the master volume and play it. Choose the relaxation module to be Piano, Native American Flute, etc and relax in your selected style. You can create and save the combinations that you made and play them anytime. 

Change the settings according to your liking and feel the relieving sensation pouring with in you. The help option is there for your guidance to know about the software and its working. It’s good software that would rejuvenate your life and let you refresh yourself.

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Axara YouTube Tools 2.2.5

Monday, August 27th, 2007

box.jpgThe craze for YouTube is crossing limits and many of us can’t stop watching all those interesting videos out there. However many of us would really love to download them from YouTube on your personal computer or mobile phone. Axara YouTube Tools let you download the videos with ease. It has other utilities that would enhance your working with the videos.

The software has option for downloading the YouTube videos in the chosen formats. The program has a pleasant color screen with simple functions. You need to copy the URL of the page containing the video. Select the destination folder for downloading the video. You can keep the information same or change the file name and the video profile.  The additional settings let you have the preview, select the batch mode or choose to split file. You can watch the preview at the bottom of the screen. The four utilities options below the screen let you to set the profile, edit the video, convert to other format and download. The video can be converted to supported formats by the options given on the top of the screen. The options for the conversion are ‘To AVI’, ‘To MPEG’, ‘To MOV’, ‘To WMV’ and ‘To SWF’. It supports various audio formats also. The software enables conversion from one format to the other one easily. The space below the screen the shows the conversion progress, the elapsed time and the remaining time. It also has the option to stop the download anytime. The software also consists of the editor that would let you cut the parts of the videos not required by you. The left side of the screen shows the option like PC, Laptop, ipod, etc. These options are there for making the video formats according to the video playing devices. Overall it’s a one great utility that you would surely like have on your system.

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Premium Booster

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

premiumbooster_logo.gifThe program allows us to effortlessly increase the speed of our computers. The software makes the PC work faster and provides you with different features. The software do not take much efforts for operating and elegant in usage.

Little time is required for downloading and installing the software. The screen has a very pleasant appearance and opens up having different colors. The screen gives the fun feeling. The language can be chosen to be English, Dutch, Russian, etc. It has five options on the screen, ‘Boost the PC’, ‘Back Up your PC’, ‘Scan for Problem’, ‘Fix Found Problem’, and ‘Defrag your Registry’. Click the first option and press ‘Start’ to boost up the PC and the level is also shown. The back up option gets the back up for the registry and the system and you can give the desired name to the back up. Set the configuration and do the restoring. Select the drive and you can do the smart or quick scanning, click next and scanning gets started that can also be stopped. Repair the found problems easily and defrag/compact the registry with having the reports. Optimize the functioning and protect the PC against the malware. The list of the object is shown in the middle screen. You can use the startup and the also work with the scheduler. You can add, delete, or save the information and commands for the startup and also add or edit comments. Enable or disable the scheduler and also it has add, edit or delete. The working level and the speed of the PC get improved. With the quick options given on the lower part of the screen you can get back to the quick start or continue to next step.

The software has a help guide by which you can know about the functioning and operating procedure of the software. It’s good program for speeding and makes your computer problem free.

(More info and Download)

Get Rid Of Troublesome Malware Files With FileASSASSIN

Friday, August 24th, 2007

1171225648-1.jpgThe boom of the internet has been good in a lot of different ways, but it has also been bad in a lot of different ways.   One of the most infamous aspects of the internet boom has been the development and subsequent dispersal of spyware, viruses and malware through internet channels and many people have had really bad things happen to their computers as a result of build-up of these specific types of programs.

One of the worst types of programs is malware, simply because it is so difficult to remove.  Well, the difficulty to remove malware files from your internet without expensive software to do so is now gone because of the introduction to the market of the FileASSASSIN software.

What FileASSASSIN does is it uses the most advanced techniques available to get deep down into the modules of the malware.   It then goes ahead and closes any handles in the malware from a remote source as well as terminating processes that you as a user would not be able to terminate yourself.  Without any remote handles or harmful processes, removing the malware becomes a piece of cake.

More information about FileASSASSIN 1.06 can be found directly at

RatePoint Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Friday, August 24th, 2007

One of the most interesting aspects of the recent internet boom is the emergence of a number of different interactive websites. Collectively referred to as web 2.0, many of these websites require input and active effort from the people that are members of the sites and indeed it is that interactive element that really drives the interest that so many people have in websites like this.

At the core of the web 2.0 revolution is the concept of social networking. The social networking websites have really changed the way that people look at the internet nowadays and many people will tell you right off the bat that this is for the better. But what if you could have a piece of software that acted like a social website no matter what you were doing on the internet? Wouldn’t that be absolutely fantastic?

Well, take a look at the RatePoint Toolbar! It is a toolbar that allows you to actually rate every single website that you come across. Then, based on the ratings that you give, you are then connected to websites that the software thinks you will enjoy specifically because of the ratings that you give off. It is a very cool and nifty way of doing business and it can actually help you come across some very amazing websites that you would never have been able to find under different circumstances.

There is actually a version of the Toolbar available for internet explorer users as well and if you are interested in learning more you can head on over to the software’s homepage at

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