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O. James Samson - September 10, 2007

948916945-1.jpgOne of the reasons that software has become so popular in today’s world is because different pieces of software can do very specialized things. The perfect example of this is the IceAmpTitle This is a piece of software designed to do one thing and one thing only, but it is able to do that one thing in a fantastic way.

The basic idea behind the IceAmpTitle is to get the name of the song that your music player is currently playing and display it in a window on your desktop. The positioning of the window can be changed as can a number of other aesthetic things such as the font size and colour. There are a lot of customizable things to the software package and the final result, but the main point is that you can get the software to retrieve the name of the current song and unobtrusively display it in your desktop so that you don’t have to waste your time pulling up the music player in order to find the song name and artist name.

It currently works for the WinAmp, Sonique, K-Jofol, FreeAmp and Coolplayer audio players and it is expected that more will be following.

More information is available at Click here for direct download.

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