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Returnil virtual system – Try new programs safely!

Ciaran Moore - October 4, 2007

Since you are reading this site, chances are you might be someone who downloads and tries out various software from time to time, right?

A downside to the Windows operating system is that when you uninstall programs, it doesn’t always remove everything, it can leave traces in the registry and also leftover files or folders here and there. These can clutter up and slow your system over time. There’s also the chance you might install something that just doesn’t agree with your system and messes it up.

Returnil virtual system is a program that lets you create a ‘virtual system’. This way, you can try out programs without really installing them, which means nothing can get messed up! Basically, what this means is that when it’s set to ON, any changes or installations you make will immediately be undone when you restart your computer. The home edition is free for personal use!

Check it out here for more details and the download.

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