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ZuluPad: “Notepad on crack”

Ciaran Moore - October 9, 2007

Described by its author as “notepad on crack”… Zulupad is a wiki-style program for helping you manage ideas, notes, etc. I’ll try to explain how it works.

It allows you to write notes and link the notes to each other. Each note you make is given a name. From that point on, anytime you type that word/name, it becomes a link to the page you first named. Also, adding a named note, will retroactively make all instances of that word/name throughout your document become links to that note. You can also select some text, and make it a link which automatically creates a new page with that name.

Just think of wikipedia and how it works,interlinked information based on linked keywords. This is very similar, but without having to learn wiki code.

Basically, this is potentially useful for anyone seeking to have a wiki-type “memo pad” for whatever reasons.

It comes in a free and pro version. Click here for more info

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