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Sound Control 2.15

O. James Samson - October 15, 2007

For people that are interested in getting the most out of their sound card, the typical sound programs that come with Windows might not be good enough. This old guard is represented most obviously by the Windows Sound Mixer, which is a program that does not have a lot of functionality. People have been looking high and wide for a better option and it is quite possible if you are one of these people that Sound Control 2.15 might be just the option that you’re looking for.

The first thing that has a lot of people interested in the program is that it is a free replacement for the Windows Sound Mixer program. This means that it includes all of the important features of that program, but does not have the resource-intensive drain that most Windows applets seem to have. In addition to this however, the Sound Control 2.15 program allows you to set hotkeys for your sound control and therefore you can use those keys to manually adjust sound mixer volumes from your keyboard without having to bring up the dialogue box to do so. It is a specialized program that is loads of fun to use and exceptionally time-saving for people that are keyboard-orientated.

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