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Talking Time keeper

Ciaran Moore - November 7, 2007

Talking Time Keeper is a program that, as the name implies, tells you the time by talking! But it also has some other potentially useful features.
For example, it has very customizable multiple reminders, alarms and countdown timers.

The time can be announced on the hour/half hour/quarter, or on demand. It can be customized to use different voices, these are actual real voices.(Well,that is to say, they’re recordings of real voices anyway!)

Your own voice can even be recorded to announced the time if you have a microphone! (and some spare uh.. time!) You can also choose what kind of chimes to use including a grandfather clock. In addition it has a calendar, day/night map and world time for as many countries as you want. It’s also skinnable.

All in all if you really love time,and talking, you’ll really love this program! Interested? Take the time to click here for more info!

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