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TimeCalcPro – a good multi-function time and date calculator

O. James Samson - November 19, 2007

If you’ve been searching for a good multi-function time and date calculator but the ones you have been coming across just don’t cut it, then this might be just the thing for you, it’s called TimeCalcPro.

So what does TimeCalcPro do?

TimeCalcPro is a multi-function time and date calculator. Its features include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of units of time. That’s not all, it adds and subtracts AM/PM times, finds the difference between dates and times, lets you add and subtract from a starting date, and has a spreadsheet for calculating timecard totals and overtime.

What I love about this cool tool is that its five calculator interfaces are simple to use, and offer many options. For example, you can choose to receive answers in days, hours, minutes, seconds or any combination that you desire.

The only hitch with this software is the price, shelling out $30 for a multi-function time and date calculator doesn’t seem like my idea of a great deal but I guess it all depends on how badly you need it and the trial version is available for those of us who are not willing to cough up the dough.

Want to see if it will work for you? Go to

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