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Howjsay: Pronunciation Dictionary

Tilgore Kraut - December 4, 2007

How often have you started arguing with a friend over the correct pronunciation of a word? You know, the kind of word that you read all the time, but suddenly realize you’ve never heard spoken out loud. Well, before you beat your friend to a bloody pulp, you might want to check out howjsay, an online pronunciation dictionary.

All you do is type in a word, and howjsay will speak that word back to you in a rather dignified sounding voice. You’ll also get a list of similarly spelled words in case you typed your entry wrong.

One of the most impressive things is that you get multiple pronunciations for words that can correctly be said more than one way.


  • Mouse over the search results to hear them pronounced;
  • Each word is individually pre-recorded and no form of synthetic speech is used;
  • Offers both American and British versions.

You can find out more right here.

(via DownloadSquad)

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