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Chandler for Windows

O. James Samson - December 24, 2007

Chandler is an interesting piece of software that is intended for personal information management.  In that vein, it has a number of different things that people will like about it that are typical of all PIM programs.   For example, you can use Chandler to store your e-mail and manipulate them in different ways to ensure that you are able to have quick access to the important e-mails that are still active in your inbox.   In addition to that however, it is also something that you can use to plan your day out; almost like a digital version of a daily planner and something that you can easily structure your life around without changing a great deal.
Additionally, you can also use Chandler for Windows to store contacts and create different task lists for yourself that you can then adjust as the day goes on and you are able to finish different tasks.   Another cool part of the program is your ability to create notes for yourself in different ways.  All in all, there is nothing particularly innovative about this software packages except for the fact that it is very convenient in that it combines all of the things that you might need access to for managing your personal information.
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