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O. James Samson - December 29, 2007

While Windows XP is no longer the industry standard operating system, at the same time it is still an operating system used by the vast majority of people; almost everyone that has not purchased a new personal computer in the last year or so is still on Windows XP and therefore programs that still affect Windows XP are very relevant to talk about.   SparkleXP 0.5 is the latest release (December 22, 2007) of the SparkleXP program and the only change that has been made in this program over the latest release is the addition of an upgrade option that has made upgrading the software quite easy to do.
SparkleXP is essentially a piece of software that you can use to configure the settings in Windows XP.   It allows you to free up computer resources and therefore run your computer programs easier through the use of general tweaking of hardware and software profiles.  Once you have finished tweaking Windows XP to your heart’s delight, you can then create a completely separate user file for your SparkleXP tweaks and then when you start the computer you can choose to either boot into your normal XP user account or into your lightweight SparkleXP account that you can then use to run resource-intensive software.
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