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WinSCP – latest version released!!!!

O. James Samson - January 9, 2008

The latest version of WinSCP is now out, having been released on January 3rd by Martin Prikryl. The main changes that have been made to the software are almost entirely fixes of bugs that were either discovered by Martin or else e-mailed to him by users of the program. These include the fixing of bugs such as the lack of allowance for ending a session in some cases, the incorrect listing of authentications in some cases and the poor way in which WinSCP worked externally with other prompts that it received. These are not the only bugs that were fixed but they are amongst some of the more prominent and the result is a much better piece of software for everyone to enjoy.

For people new to the program, WinSCP is a file transfer protocol program that is used within the Windows environment and secure shell handling. The main actual goal of the program is to make it easier to transfer programs and files between the local terminal that a user is currently on and a remote terminal that may exist somewhere else. The goal of the program is to allow users to do these transfers in a way that is not only secure, but also a way that is safe and efficient for all of the computers involved in the file transfer process.

More information about WinSCP and the latest edition of the program can be found at

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