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Idea Plug-In for BestCrypt

O. James Samson - January 16, 2008

The latest version of the IDEA plug in for the BestCrypt software is now available on the market and the reason that it has become so popular in such a short time is the fact that this is an easy way for you to encrypt things without having to worry about it being too easy to decrypt.   The encryption software programs have started to become more popular as the average level of web sophistication increases and users begin to realize that their more important e-mails need to be encrypted at some point.   This has spawned a number of excellent software programs such as BestCrypt and those software programs have a number of modules that can be used within them.
This particular module is the IDEA plug in for BestCrypt and it simply uses the IDEA algorithm in order to encrypt the information that you want kept secret.   The great thing about this plug in is that it works on all Windows systems so that regardless of what version and structure of Windows you happen to be running at the time, you are still going to be able to use the IDEA plug in when you want to encrypt certain pieces of information.   This plug-in has been tried, tested and true for awhile and the latest version makes it just that much better.
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