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Supreme Shutdown Scheduler

Tilgore Kraut - January 24, 2008

Now you can control and manage your PC’s basic function even when you’re away from it. It’s easy to shut down, restart, log off and perform such function automatically by settings the things just once with the Supreme Shutdown Scheduler v1.1 that can achieve all this in no time.

Supreme Shutdown Scheduler v1.1 software opens with the medium sized rectangular screen. It shows the features placed on the screen that you need to set for scheduling a task. With the System Statistics you can set the Current Time and Current Date that program also takes from your computer. Then is the option to set the time for the task to take place. Select the count for hours, minutes and seconds by which the program should shut down, restart or perform the other function as set by you. When you set the limit it shows the time by which the function would be performed. Select the day for the shutdown or restart process. Below are given the setting to select the action that has to be taken by the program. It shows four features Force, Log off, Shut down and Restart. You can abort also if you do not want to set the action to be taken by the program. For saving the settings that you had done you need to click ‘Conform’. The program stays at your system tray and work from there. Help features is also there to assist you in the functioning.

Supreme Shutdown Scheduler v1.1 can perform the function while staying at your system tray. You can also be set to launch the program to start minimized at system tray or with the windows start up. It effective functioning combined with its light weight design also comes across as a welcome relief as compared to some heavy and cumbersome software in its class.

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