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FoxLingo – Translator add-on For Firefox

Ciaran Moore - February 13, 2008

FoxLingo is an add-on for Firefox that describes itself as ” The ultimate Language tool”. It claims to simplify the process of translating online information from a foreign language into the one you understand. It has a massive choice of languages to translate between and you can choose which ones are most useful to you and add them in the toolbar.

It supports translation between 45 languages and accomplishes this with the help of 35 online translation services. It also has over 100 links to various language learning websites.

As well as translating text entered into the search box, you can search foreign pages using terms written in your own language, translate full webpages and even translate webpages automatically by detecting their country domain extension.

As with all online translators, the results will sometimes be not exactly perfect, but you’ll still get the general idea.

Further information and download it for Firefox here.

(Note: You might wanna check out potential privacy issues raised! See reviews at download link page.)

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