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LinkStash – Cross-Browser Bookmark management

Ciaran Moore - February 15, 2008

Linkstash is a program for managing your bookmarks. It has surprisingly cool and useful features, considering most “bookmark manager” things don’t really do anything too amazing or especially useful. It manages all your bookmarks and works with all the main browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera, very useful if you like to use more than one browser. It also opens and closes with the browser.

It has lots of features including :

  • Dead links checker and updater,
  • Favorites sync,
  • Color highlighting of folders/links,
  • Fields for comments, ratings, etc.,
  • Secure encrypted password safe with automated password control for auto website log-on.

Its even available in a portable version!

I was very impressed with this program, definitely the best bookmark manager I’ve come across yet. Multiple backups, option to encrypt the whole bookmark file, even configure certain sites to open in certain browsers. Lots more features than I can go into detail with here.

Like the sound of it? More information at the homepage here

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