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Mozilla Firefox for Windows – Recent Update

O. James Samson - February 22, 2008

The coming of Mozilla Firefox to the world was a great event as many people were now able to get a browser that worked with what they wanted to do online. The great event is repeated every time a new version of the browser is released and recently the Mozilla Organization released the newest version of the Firefox browser, version Ever since its inception, the goal of the Mozilla Firefox project was to make browsing online easier and more intuitive. Now, with help from a number of suggestions and programmers, they have done exactly that.

In addition to things like tabbed browsing, the cross-platform nature of the browser and the built-in pop-up blocker that people already know about, the new version of Firefox comes with a number of different new and innovative ideas. Firstly, the actual software program itself has been streamlined so that it uses up fewer resources in being utilized. At the same time, a number of reported bugs have been fixed and both the privacy and security features attached to the browser have been updated. Finally, hassle free downloading is still incorporated into the overall design, something that should please downloading internet users that have used the previous versions of Mozilla Firefox.

More information about the latest version of Mozilla Firefox can be found at

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