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All Website Visitors 1.2

Tilgore Kraut - February 26, 2008

Do you feel the need to know about the visitors of your site, what pages they visit or the pages that are often visited, how much did they look, etc? Nearly all this information is required to know about the visitor’s likes and what needs improvement on the site. With the All Website Visitors 1.2 software you can know about all these things and get the answers to all your questions. It also helps you to get the html reports generated, accompanied by tables and charts also. You can get the count of the hits and keep the record of the periodical activity, statistics, time range activity etc.

All Website Visitors 1.2 software proves to be worthy assistant that helps you to know the pages or websites that are being most visited. You can know about the factors that contribute to its popularity and you can know about the details of the visitor’s count, hits, and the content that is sought for the most by the visitors. You need to enter the URL of the website for the analysis. The list is shown on the screen from which you can have the Include and Exclude URLs chosen. You can easily add the filters according to your requirement by checking or uncheck them. It shows the feature for Log File through which you can have the details of the activities. It also shows the features like Time Range, Filter and Reports. You can get the reports of the activities that consist of the chart and tables with all the details shown systematically. You can get the summary of the activities by hours, day of week and months. You get the access statistics for files, entry pages, browsers, operating systems, etc. With the search engine you can get the phrases and keywords and you can also get the details relating to the outgoing and incoming traffic. You get to now so much that could help you to improve the ranking of the websites on the search engine.

All Website Visitors 1.2 software provides you with features like Summary page, Periodical activity, Time range activity, Access statistic, operating systems, popular countries, browsers, Robots/Bots/Spiders, Search engines and traffic.

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