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Fix8 – More fun from your webcam

Ciaran Moore - March 5, 2008

Fix8 is a free program for using with your webcam. It allows you to add in “special effects”. These consist of animated objects such as hats, etc, but can also consist of avatars. These follow your heads position so for example you can wear a virtual hat. The avatars face is controlled by your own facial movements. For example, if you wink, it winks, if your mouth moves, it’s mouth moves, etc.

This can lead to hours of enjoyment or just a few minutes, depending on how easily amused or creative you are I guess!

There’s a wide selection to choose from that come with the basic version, which is completely free, with the choice to upgrade if you feel like spending a little money at a later time. You can also record videos for you and your friend’s later amusement.

Sound interesting to you? All you need is your computer and webcam and to go here to see a video example and download it..

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