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Need to remember something? Jott it!

Ciaran Moore - March 11, 2008

Normally when you want to make a quick note for future reference, it requires some effort. You have to grab a pen and paper, or maybe your PDA if you’re more technologically inclined.

With Jott, all you have to do is grab your cellphone and dial a special toll free number (which you can easily put on speed dial!) You then say who your message is for, such as “myself”, ” family”, or a work group or friends name for example. Now you can dictate up to 30 seconds of a message. This is then transcribed and emailed or texted to yourself as a reminder or to the chosen group.

At the moment its currently only available in the US and Canada, but is certainly an exciting idea which sounds like it could be very useful.

Sound interesting to you? Check out the website and test it out for yourself!

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