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PicLens – Great online images viewer for FireFox

Ciaran Moore - March 13, 2008

PicLens is an add-on for Firefox which improves your online image viewing experience in a really cool way. Once you install it, It can be invoked with one click whenever you visit several of the well-known image sites online including Flickr, Photobucket, Myspace, FaceBook, Fotki, Picasa web albums, Google image search,AOL image search and some others!

You’ll notice that images at these sites now have a small arrow in the bottom left corner. Once you click this, PicLens launches and shows a gallery of all those pictures. This is no ordinary gallery though, its a 3D “wall” of images on a dark background. It looks pretty cool and it just gets cooler, because you can drag your mouse to move along this virtual “wall”. You can even use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Clicking on an image expands it to full screen. There’s also a thumbnails strip at the bottom once in full screen mode. It also adds a small link at the top of your Firefox browser as an alternative way to start it, also you can search these image sites directly from inside PicLens. This enables you to view endless walls of pictures forever if you chose to without ever leaving it!

This is a must have for anyone who views a lot of pictures online, just try it and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Also, if you happen to connect your computer to a large screen TV or monitor, then this program is a must (and I envy you!)

It was very fast on my computer when i tried (and kept) it and doesn’t seem to slow anything down at all. It only needs to be used whenever you feel like it and only takes one click to get in or out of it fast. It’s superbly designed and extremely user friendly.

Download it and see images and more info at the homepage here.

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