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Morpheus Photo Morpher

Ciaran Moore - March 21, 2008

Morpheus Photo Morpher lets you change the image of a person or thing into another by slowly transitioning or “morphing” the images, giving the appearance of something slowly transforming into something else.

How it works is, you load your chosen pictures into the program. Now you can add markers to key points in the images, these key points are areas that have similarities such as eyes and facial shape. The more key points you add, the more accurate and smooth your finished morph animation will be. You can then preview the end results and render it in the file format of your choice such as FLV (Flash), AVI video, Animated GIF file, and more.

Morphing is a pretty neat effect when done with the right images and technique, its also a cool way to liven up boring slide shows!

Check out the homepage for some good examples and to download the trial.

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