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Backflip – Online bookmarks manager

Ciaran Moore - March 26, 2008

Backflip is yet another of these great alternatives to bookmarking things locally on your computer. You create an account with Backflip and then add a Backflip button to your browser, now whenever you discover interesting Web pages, simply click the “Backflip it” button to save them to your Backflip account online and Backflip will organize them for you there.

They’re organized in your personal account, which is like your own personal search engine and directory of your “Backflipped” (bookmarked!) pages. These can be shared with others if you’re the social kind, or made private. You can have your top 10 most used bookmarks on your front page for easy access and it also has a feature called “My Daily Routine”, which assists you in visiting your daily favorites.

These online bookmark sites can be pretty useful, as you have access to your bookmarks from any computer. You also don’t have to worry about losing all your bookmarks if your computer should someday crash irrecoverably.

Further info at the Homepage.

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