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O. James Samson - March 28, 2008

One of the great things about Mozilla is that after creating their world class Firefox browser, they took that engine and then transposed it onto a number of the other areas of internet software. First was Thunderbird, their online e-mail client that was released as competition to Outlook and then finally they ended up releasing Songbird, which is the piece of software being discussed here.

Songbird, simply put, is an online music player that operates on the same engine that Firefox uses. It allows you to play any .mp3 file that is available on the internet without leaving the actual page that you are on. You can also use it to view web pages and create dynamic play lists from those websites. Essentially, you can use Songbird to make your internet music life a lot easier. If you’re the type of person that loves listening to or watching online videos and you want to get the songs from those videos and song websites without having to waste too much time in the process, then Songbird is most definitely the piece of software for you.

More information about Songbird is available at

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