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Virtual CloneDrive

Ciaran Moore - May 12, 2008

Virtual CloneDrive is a freeware program which lets you mount disc images as if they were discs in your drive. It basically fools your system into believing that there is another CD/DVD drive in your system. On this virtual drive, you can mount disc image files.These are exact copies of a physical disc, but as a single file, usually ISO, BIN and some other formats.

It’s very simple to use as you just have to double click an image file and it will treat it just as if you had double clicked on a real disc in your computer’s drive. It enables you to work with up to 8 virtual drives.

One example of how this could be useful is if you were to make backups of discs (as image files) for use on your laptop when you are on the move, saving you from having to carry around and load and unload a bunch of discs that may get lost or scratched.

Check it out here.


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