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Lebendig: Tweak your Windows animations

Tilgore Kraut - May 19, 2008

Lebendig is a Windows enhancement that will animate your windows, making them twist around as they open, recede into the horizon when closed, or perform any of 15 different actions when opening or closing. Works on programs, windows, and dialogs.

The world is split into two kinds of people: those who like to customize their desktop and like a lot of eye candy, and those who like to strip their OSs from any software that is not 100% necessary. Those in the former category will like this program. Here are more notes on this one:

  • Lebendig screenshot – optionsThe animation: what’s interesting about the animation is that it is mostly illusionary; your window doesn’t actually, say, spin around, but rather an animated frame precedes the window right at the point of display, creating a very effective illusion.
  • Launching and ending actions: Expand/Shrink Rectangles, Spin 180 or 360 right/left, Windows Zoom, Expand/Collapse inward or outward, Slide:top/down, bottom/up, right/left, left/right, Roll: top/down, bottom/up, right/left, left/right, Fade in and Fade out.
  • Starting and ending points: can be defined, either from the location of the mouse or another set point on the screen.
  • Windows affected: you can select from a number of Window types (e.g. Apps, explorer windows, dialogs, etc.) Make sure you check the types you are interested in.
  • Other controls: include the resolution (number of steps used), delay, etc.
  • Memory use: just over 5 megs. Not bad at all for a program like this one.
  • Stability/performance: quite good. I usually expect problems with this sort of program, but encountered none whatever.
  • User interface: options accessible through an icon in the start menu, including the ability to quickly enable/disable and/or shut down. It would have been good if it allowed you to not display the Lebendig icon in the start menu.

{via FreewareGenius}

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