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Samurize – Advanced system monitoring

Ciaran Moore - June 17, 2008

This is a desktop system monitoring tool for windows. Not just any system monitoring tool, but an extremely customizable one. It can do just about anything you want from monitoring temperatures, fan speeds, upload/download speeds, memory usage, drive size, uptime, laptop battery and much more!

Basically, you can make it look anyway you want and do anything you want. It’s also very low on its resource usage.

It does have a learning curve though, so if you don’t mind taking some time to read the instructions and experiment, you’ll finally have it just the way you want it. Although it has a WYSIWYG editor, it can still be a little overwhelming at first with its extensive options, so, those of you who are a little less computer savvy, you have been warned! For everyone else who is a computer customization freak like me, this will be a must have utility! (and totally free)

Check out the Samurize site for much more info!

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