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FSL Launcher – Unclutter your desktop

Ciaran Moore - June 30, 2008

Is your desktop becoming chaotic with assorted shortcuts and other icons? Wishing you could organize them? if only there was something you could get to help you with your troubles…

Keep reading…you may have found it!

FSL Launcher is a system tray utility that lets you organize your shortcuts in a tabbed user interface.

It actually produces all of the shortcuts in a folder structure under your user profile in the FSL Launcher folder – then it accesses these shortcuts and shows them in the tabs. This is a very simple but practical feature. Since FSL Launcher’s configuration is kept in your profile, anybody else who logs onto the computer won’t see your icon set.

Adding shortcuts to the tab groups is merely a drag ‘n drop matter. Word of advice though: you can just keep shortcuts in the tabs, so if you’ve got a shortcut in the launcher pointing to a document or spreadsheet, make certain you don’t delete the source file – just similar to regular Windows shortcuts, the related icon won’t work if you do this!

Two versions of FSL Launcher are available: A Standard and a ‘Privileged User’ version which has a few added features (like hotkey support, icons for your groups, password protection, various other features) The “Priveleged User” version requires a donation but the Standard version is also very capable.

You are able to activate the Launcher by moving your mouse to the upper left-hand corner of your screen, alternatively, just click the system tray icon. When you click on an application outside of the FSL Launcher window, it’ll automatically hide itself.

You are able to backup or restore icon/tab groups into a zip file, making it simple to restore your configuration if you should need to at a later time.
It features a few built-in skins , and you can customize what the system tray icon looks like.

Surely a convenient tool for those of us who need to clean up a lot of clutter from the desktop!

Click for more details at the homepage here.

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