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Expedition.NET 3.0.6

O. James Samson - August 18, 2008

There are many different browsers out there, but few have the best of both worlds quality to them that the Expedition browser brings to the table. It has all of the functionality of Internet Explorer, which is of course one of the most high-powered browsers to ever be released to the market. You can therefore use Expedition to browse multiple pages at once, drag links to the main bar and drop them there as well as block pop-ups with functionality build right into the actual browser code. You can also change the skin that the browser has and you can even use the RSS reader that it has built into itself in order to catch up on all your daily reading.

However, Expedition is not Internet Explorer and for that reason you can avoid a number of the different problems that the browser can sometimes bring to the table. These problems include things like lack of virus protection, high amount of targeting by different viruses and spyware programs specifically designed for Internet Explorer and problems with your registry that can come about as a result. None of these things are problems with Expedition, making it most definitely the best of both worlds.

More information on this software can be found at

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