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Down For Everyone Or Just Me? – Website Availability Checker

Ciaran Moore - August 28, 2008 is a web service that serves a single and effective function: to see if that website you’re attempting to load is actually down, or if your own computer or network filters are the trouble.

When you can’t get your homepage, or your favorite website (this one of course!), just go to,and put in the url of the website that’s gone AWOL, and find out if it’s really, um…down for everyone or just you.

I guess this may not work perfectly in a multi-server situation—for example, if a few Google servers were down but not others.
Even so, its still a quick and easy way to determine if your problem is at your end or the site you’re trying to reach.

May be worth bookmarking – !

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One Response to “Down For Everyone Or Just Me? – Website Availability Checker”

  1. Netconcepts Says:

    Cool little tool for the average guy.

    My favorite tool for seeing if a website is up is This tool checks to see when and if any website goes down. Many times your hosting company like Rackspace will alert you and reboot if the server goes down BUT if your software locks up they typically don’t notice. This little tool is free and quickly let’s you know when something is going wrong. It can even send you a SMS text message.

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