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Show My IP Software 1.17

O. James Samson - September 8, 2008

There are very few programs on the market right now that have a scope as limited as Show My IP.  In fact, the Show My IP software package will only do one simple thing for you and that is display your external internet protocol address when you bring up the software.  It is absolutely true to its name, but the fact that functionality is so limited on this software package brings up the question as to why it deserves to be showcased on this blog.

Well, if you have been around the internet for awhile you know that IP addresses are very important.  They determine your interaction with the internet and they also determine how other people can track you if they want to.  Many people also have dynamic IP addresses which change whenever they log onto the internet.  For this reason, tracking your IP address for your own purposes can be very difficult to do.

Up until the current moment in time the only help that you had was to visit websites and go through time-consuming processes to get information that could change over the course of just a few hours.  Show My IP Software will give you that same information inside a minute and that is really why this one-function piece of software is so important.  It will come in handy many times and that is why it deserves a spot on a blog highlighting the great freeware programs of the web.

More information is available at

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One Response to “Show My IP Software 1.17”

  1. nod32 Says:

    Show My IP Software contains a range of network tools, its not at all limited.

    Good article though 🙂

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